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We are a software created in Barcelona

MIPLANiAPP is a web application like Yahoo or Gmail.
That means that it is solely accessible with an internet connection, and cannot be downloaded.

With that said, you must now know that MIPLANiAPP is a software that helps you simulate your revenue, maximize your profits, avoid costly marketing and investment mistakes, and grow your business successfully.

Yes! The goal of this web application created in Barcelona, is to help entrepreneurs and businesses that sell on Internet to be successful.

About Us-MIPLANiAPP: Reasons to Be


Statistical data shows that online commerce is growing by leaps and bounds in Spain, just like in many other countries.

According to a research made by Hootsuite in 2019, the global expansion of Internet, and the high penetration of mobile devices, have induced that the average percentage of Internet users who buy a product or service online keep growing, having reached an incredible 72%.

However, these numbers, which may lead more than one entrepreneur to think that any Internet business reaches success, are irrelevant to many digital businesses, especially new online businesses.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are more than 90% of digital entrepreneurships that fail.

Consequently, , we provide an essential platform to help digital entrepreneurs, and all those people who sell online to grow and consolidate their businesses, in order to increase competitiveness in our country.

We want to help strengthen the new business models associated with the field of the digital economy with  the ultimate goal to achieve a much better society.

After all, given that we are digital business ourselves, we understand what it takes to start from scratch with no outside investment.

We understand that challenge and we also know what it takes to succeed.

We are committed to providing that knowledge and experience to as many other digital entrepreneurs and business owners as possible.

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How do we support online entrepreneurs and digital businesses?

Through our platform, we actively support the community of digital entrepreneurs and businesses with a wealth of information and guidance.

On the other hand, we offer highly competitive prices to help hundreds of thousands of digital entrepreneurs and professionals grow their businesses with confidence.

The ways of doing business have changed. Therefore the strategies too.

Find out how you can plan, simulate, and perform financial projections for your business in solely 10 minutes with a software,
whose strategic focus is on your income, expense, and traffic priorities.


MIPLANiAPP is the fastest and easiest online solution for:

  • planning business
  • predicting earnings
  • simulating financial goals, and
  • optimizing results

Whether you are a beginner entrepreneur or expert, MIPLANiAPP helps you achieve your desired financial goals or simply improve your current results.

MIPLANiAPP also provides a large number of advantages to all those who use it, and in the next lines, we will see some of the main benefits of this revolutionary software.

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BENEFIT I: Know the exact steps you need to take in order to achieve any financial goal.

All business managers have among their main tasks to determine what their financial goals are at the beginning of their activity, advertising campaign, or each financial year.

Before MIPLANiAPP, entrepreneurs faced a long way to plan their financial goals. Their options included making long and boring business plans, resorting to complicated Excel sheets, etc.

MIPLANiAPP however, quickly and easily provides a roadmap to follow to achieve any desired financial goal.

MIPLANiAPP is your complete online business planning, simulation and optimization solution.

Whatever your financial goals, MIPLANiAPP will help you define them, create an action plan to achieve them, and get excited about the business you are creating.

BENEFIT II: Verify if your financial goals are SMART​

As a business manager, you will be able to take advantage of the information from MIPLANiAPP to establish larger or smaller financial goals, and also to determine the time to achieve these objectives (short, medium or long term).

Whatever your financial goals, MIPLANiAPP will help you define them, create an action plan to achieve them, and get excited about the business you are creating.

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BENEFIT III: Plan smarter, save time and money

MIPLANiAPP is the perfect tool to optimize and scale your financial results.

It helps you perform analysis of different scenarios to see “what happens if” there is a change in product prices, conversions, costs, or other changes in your business. Thus, you can see how those variables may affect your revenue, profit, and other relevant metrics.

BENEFIT IV: Collect information about your potential customers

The traditional path to financial projection is time consuming and tedious. MIPLANiAPP is a faster, easier and more efficient way to discover key data and find valuable information for your marketing.

In many cases, you get a clear view of the amount of traffic and leads you need to bring to your business to achieve your goals, think about your strategies, and offer solutions that have the greatest impact to your target.


MIPLANiAPP is your fastest and easiest online solution for:

  • business plan
  • predicting profits
  • simulating financial goals, and
  • optimizing profit

MIPLANiAPP can help you achieve your desired financial goals or simply improve your current results.

The true benefit of MIPLANiAPP is the potential it gives online entrepreneurs and businesses to create inspiring strategies to build the companies they dream of.

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