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Somos el software nacido en Barcelona
We work very hard to focus on people, build trusting relationships, help our collaborators to continuously grow, and work happily. We work every day to improve our culture and we look for new ways to get better.
We believe that a great company culture is an essential ingredient to our success. A great culture helps attract great people and also supports people to achieve their best.
MIPLANiAPP’s culture is based on 6 key pillars:
  • We trust on data
  • We are transparent
  • We dedicate completely to our clients
  • We give them the autonomy to be amazing
  • We are very demanding with our collaborators
  • We value our community
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We also believe in:
  •  Affordable web app: Small businesses should have access to quality tools at affordable prices.
  • Simplicity: our software was created by a digital entrepreneur for businesses and entrepreneurs who sell on Internet, and that’s why it is user-friendly.
  • Quality Service: We are proud of our excellent customer service. You will find ways to contact us on any page of our site and throughout Internet. We have at your disposal a phone number with a real person on the other end, ready to help you solve any problem.
  • Small businesses: We know that employment creation comes from small businesses. Every business we help start and grow means a better future for everyone.
Finally, we believe in:
  • Digital Entrepreneurship: anyone can start a business, and we are here to help the beginners and the most experienced digital entrepreneurs succeed.
  • Refunds: all digital entrepreneurs must have the opportunity and the tools to start their own business. We support this by offering a free version of our software, and providing the resources they need to learn about business.
  • And finally, we believe in the importance of having fun while working to grow your business.
Company culture of MIPLANiAPP 2
Nowadays, our world needs more digital entrepreneurs. We know that a world with more digital entrepreneurs will have a deeper impact on our society. Our mission is to empower digital entrepreneurs like you, helping you build the online business you want. We are also digital entrepreneurs and we love what we do.
To serve very well each of our clients to be always present in their lives and create lasting business relationships with them.

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