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MIPLANiAPP offers two versions of the product: Paid and free versions

The free version allows you to use all the features of the software but limits you to simulations for amounts of annual billing up to € 30,000 only.

To determine if the free version of MIPLANiAPP is right for you, we recommend that you ask yourself the following two questions:

1) What do you want to achieve with your business?

When evaluating your software options, always keep your ultimate goal in mind. Take into account whether the software solution you are trying to get is really designed for what you want to achieve.

In the case of MIPLANiAPP, it is designed to help entrepreneurs achieve two main objectives:
A- Reach of any financial goals (up to 100 million euros):

MIPLANiAPP helps you to trace the steps to reach any financial goal you desire at the indicated timeframe.

B- Boost of any desirable benefits

MIPLANiAPP helps you to visualize different scenarios if you:

  • increase your conversion rate,
  • reduce your general costs,
  • sell more items to your current customers.

2) How engaged are you with your business?

Are you determine to reach big numbers with your business? Do you want to build a five or six figure business? Or is it just an idea that pops into your head occasionally?

Answering to these questions, will  guide you to making an optimal decision on whether to upgrade to MIPLANiAPP paid version or to keep the free version.

Determined/Committed entrepreneurs should invest in professional tools. This is true whether they buy heavy equipment, delivery vehicles, or commercial software.
But maybe you are still not sure of becoming an entrepreneur or don’t have a business idea. You might be curious about what a profit simulation looks like at this moment.

In that case, the free version of MIPLANiAPP would be a good first step.

One of the most important things to know is that you don’t need an MBA to perform a financial simulation with MIPLANiAPP. Even if you are taking the first step, you only need to invest about 10 minutes to complete it.

At this point, we know that it is all related to results

MIPLANiAPP’s free version might be a great help in many situations.

Nevertheless, it is not the best option if you are a committed and growth-oriented entrepreneur.

Finally, the most important thing is that the MIPLANiAPP’s version you choose gives you the results you desire.
Either way, we are here to help and guide you to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

In conclusion, our study has proven that high financial goal is achieved when the consumer invests and takes advantage of the paid version of MIPLANiAPP since it’s the one that provides a step-by-step roadmap to follow in order to make informed decisions without the risk of failure.

Relevant information: our earnings simulation web app, MIPLANiAPP, includes a free version that allows you to test all the features of the software, before upgrading to the paid version if you are satisfied with our product.