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Profit Simulator-MIPLANiAPP step by step: Begin by defining a REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE annual financial goal 

Profit Simulator-Miplaniapp: The first step to begin using this web application or Profit Simulator - MIPLANiAPP, is to set a financial goal. So you must determine an exact amount that you would like to achieve in ONE YEAR. Above all, make sure your goal is realistic and achievable.       
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Profit Simulator-MIPLANiAPP: Set the average price of all your products

The Average Price is the sum of all prices in the company divided by the number of products or services in the company.

Let’s take an example, imagine that there are 5 pairs of shoes for sale in your business whose prices are 175€, 200€, 250€, 350€, and 600€. The average price would be 315€. (175€ + 200€+ 250€ + 350€ + 600€) / 5

The reason why we recommend use the average price here is because in instances where you’ve got a range of different prices, it can be useful to simplify the numbers into one single value.

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Profit Simulator-MIPLANiAPP: Determine your conversion rate

The conversion rate is the ratio between the number of users who visited your website and the number of them who answered to the call to action; which in this case is when they make a purchase.
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Profit Simulator-MIPLANiAPP: Define the value of your top three expenses

Knowing the three top expenses of your company, you can find out if your business idea, advertising campaign, or any other business investment you’re about to make is worth pursuing. As it is well known, if you do not know what expenses your business incurs, your goal will fail.

To achieve your goal, you need to know in detail the ways you spend your money. Because when you know clearly where you spend your money, you can make whatever changes you feel are necessary to achieve your goals.

With MIPLANiAPP, you will have a quick view of all key numbers by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly total amounts (revenue, profit, traffic volume).

MIPLANiAPP allows you to plan and forecast the three most relevant costs of any company in advance. So you get a complete picture of your benefits.

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Profit Simulator-MIPLANiAPP: Make a comparison of different scenarios

Finally, it is time to discover how you can maximize your profits.
One of the most powerful features of MIPLANiAPP is its ability to COMPARE your current report with three other different scenarios.

By running the MIPLANiAPP “Scenario Comparison” Report, you can instantly see how all the numbers in your simulation are affected by the differences between the Scenario 1, Scenario 2 and Scenario 3.

With MIPLANiAPP, you will have a quick view of all key numbers broken down by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and yearly totals (revenue, profit, traffic volume).

“MIPLANiAPP scenarios allow you to change ANYTHING in your simulation. You have the possibility here to modify more than one variable at a time. You can add / modify / remove variables such as prices, conversion rates, costs, etc.

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Profit Simulator-MIPLANiAPP: View the RESULTS

Profit Simulator – MIPLANiAPP allows you to run powerful reports for any profit simulation you want to achieve. It quickly shows you an “Overview” of any project, so you can see step by step how to create a more prosperous business.

MIPLANiAPP offers you a PDF report that is the default “summary” of any project you create. You’ll see a quick view of all the key numbers by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly totals: revenue, profit, traffic volume, leads, and different costs.

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Profit Simulator-MIPLANiAPP: Simulate how to achieve your most ambitious financial goals

Profit Simulator – MIPLANiAPP is by far the most notorious MIPLANiAPP report! Here you can run this incredibly valuable report.

  1. Start by entering that financial goal you dream of so much
  2. Determine how long you would like to achieve it
  3. Keep providing other values that will be required.

MIPLANiAPP, powered by a sophisticated algorithm, instantly will make reverse engineer to your whole project (and all your setups) and show you a daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly and yearly report of the sales you will need per day. It also shows how many leads, income and visitor traffic you will need to achieve it!

It will also calculate your related expenses to achieve your dreamed profit goal.

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Profit Simulator-MIPLANiAPP: Run very short-term profit simulations

If you plan to run a promotional campaign, this is a great report to make your team members and your marketing and sales advisors easy.
You’ll see a quick view of all the key numbers broken down by daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly totals: revenue, profit, traffic volume, leads, and costs.
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