Behind a great software

MIPLANiAPP’s CEO is Viviane Komze who works along with a team of professional freelancers from different branches (from programming experts to digital marketing), in order to make MIPLANiAPP a high-quality product for digital entrepreneurs and companies who sells on Internet.

Meet our Founder and CEO: Ms. Viviane Komze

Ms. Viviane Komze has been passionate about creating Websites and learning how to make an online startup since 2006. Her own failures as a digital entrepreneur have led her to pursue a
double degree in Marketing and Public Relations as well as to research the best practices used by eminent Marketing experts around the world.

Today, Ms. Komze has created and developed MIPLANiAPP, in addition to providing the writing of her discoveries to help others pave their way. MIPLANiAPP is a Web Application that aims to help digital entrepreneurs to simulate in as little as 10 minutes how to earn up to € 100,000,000 of online billing.

Ms. Komze works along a team of efficient and professional freelancers of different background (from programming experts to digital marketing experts), in order to make MIPLANiAPP a high-quality product for our consumers.